Friday, 11 July 2014


Those of you who have seen our garden and met Allen will understand that he occasionally throws up his hands and says, “There’s no more room!” when Jill and Kelly try to find space for the latest must-have plant from the local nurseries.
Perhaps in retaliation, he has been carving pieces of driftwood into works of art for the garden.
A favourite prehistoric looking log laid around the property for years until Allen turned it into the carving below.

She has her own spot in the lawn, with a circle of cotoneaster around her.
And we fondly refer to her as the "Big Bottomed Girl"

This Eagle lived in our house for many years until we took a tree out of the garden
Now he greets guests as they walk by on their way to the cottages.

Many of our garden sculptures came from Andy, who made creatures out of stone and garden tools and sold them at the Ladner Village Market on summer Sundays.
 This Octopus stands guard at the top of the ramp

 While the Greedy Cat waits under the Willow Tree for wayward birds.
 And we bought this Shovel Cat for Willow.
 We have several of Andy's stone fish...this one is on the top deck
 And these are in the pond on our front dock.

 The turtle lives in the garden and is surrounded by tulips in the spring.

 At the foot of the ramp, guests are greeted by Henry....

 ....and this Heron.

And given a further Welcome from these Little Guys.