Tuesday, 25 April 2017


If you visited the Duck Inn this winter, you will have 
seen how the rainiest months on record have turned 
our once lush lawn into something closer to a swamp.
Even The Big Boned Gal was 
not amused by her surroundings.
As the rain increased, so did 
the strange mix of vegetation popping up.
From Mexico....thank you Telmex for the free long distance calls....we put our heads together with Cora 
and decided that it was time to do something! 
Luckily, a small local landscaping company 
was both recommended and available! 
They arrived within a week with a truckload of soil....
.....which was spread the old fashioned way 
after the old lawn was ripped out!
They brought another truckload....of sod....a variety which promises to do well in partial shade....all in neat tidy rolls.
By mid day, they were rolling it into place....
....quickly surrounding The Gal.
When RAIN forced them to quit for the day, 
she was already looking happier.
Next morning, a quick finish and we had a new LAWN.
Cora began taking "After" pictures and sending them our way.
This shot, taken later in the day, shows why 
we need grass that will thrive in shade.
One week later, and Cora has already given the lawn 
its first mowing....and added a new table!
And now we're ready for some May Flowers.