Tuesday, 5 July 2016


We know that it is indeed July when Cora heads to Italy for a well deserved break, and sends us pictures 
like this one of her view outside Assisi.
Before she left, she took several pictures of the new 
Herb Garden that she and Kelly started 
while we were still in La Paz.
Our hope for this garden area is that sights and scents will waft up from it as people come down the ramp
 to take out the canoes or feed the new baby ducklings. 
There are lots of new herbs getting themselves established and guests are welcome to pick them.
 One of our favourite creatures is standing guard 
over the rosemary.
And this Mexican frog keeps an eye on the dill 
as he waits to welcome Cora home in the fall.
Another Mexican garden buddy has been planted up and named Pancho, after one of our real La Paz amigos.
To add to the herbal aromas, we have underplanted most of the tubs with fragrant bulbs like this Stargazer Lily.

 Another sign of summer is that the hanging baskets
 which Kelly started from seedlings in May...
 Are now coming into bloom along the walkway between the Florida Room and our Floating Home.
They don't even mind the occasional rain!