Monday, 18 May 2015


As our time in Mexico comes to an end, 
Cora is tempting us home with shots of
the latest Mother Duck to lay her eggs at the Duck Inn.
Here's the proud Mama, hiding away among
  all the other ducks on the Water Garden Verandah.

She choose to lay her eggs in the planter
 beside the little duck pond.

They seem happy among the vines that are 
just starting to come out of hibernation.

The soaker tub is handy if Mama wants to 
give them swimming lessons when they hatch.

It will be interesting to see how Mama 
gets them down to the river 
so they can swim away like last year's brood. 
Some human help may be needed!

Here in La Paz, we have our own nesting adventure. 
A pair of house finches has built a nest in 
our Dining Balcony lampshade.

It took a very tall ladder to get a picture of the eggs!
 Allen unscrewed the lightbulbs at the same time.

This is as close as Mama would let him get 
when she was sitting on the eggs.

But Papa Finch, with his red head and breast,
 was happy to pose atop the bougainvillea.
These eggs won't hatch before we go home, 
but we look forward to the baby ducklings!