Wednesday, 31 October 2018


The seasons generally treat us kindly here on the river. Summer often lingers through most of fall and.... assuming that this year would be no different, Cora began snapping 
close-ups of some of our favourite flowers for a 
smug “Autumn” post. She got this far….
….when we noticed several changes. First, the powers that be decided that the “ivy covered staircase” had run its course and that it was time for the intrusive vine to come down.
Much cutting, complaining, and hauling away
 resulted in stairs that had to be rebuilt 
in some spots and painted to match the rest
Now the only ivy allowed is this pot that Kelly
 unearthed in a hidden corner of the garden 
where it was trying to smother this rose. 
Once the stairs were bare, the crew turned their attention to  the pergola along the driveway where another ivy epidemic was trying to bring down the corner post. 
Another day's clipping and it was gone too.
Now Rodrigo rules over the corner.
And all that remains of that ivy is this trunk which Cora rescued and put back for the bunnies to play on.
Next we noticed that the Virginia Creeper 
which was making itself at home in the parking area....
....had lost its leaves!
 And since our Japanese Lanterns were in full fall bloom....
....we decided to put up our token decorations....
....and wish everyone

Sunday, 1 July 2018


What?? No Room For More Plants!
This day has been coming for years. Allen started to threaten a moratorium on new colourful plants in the garden a long time ago, but this summer, Kelly, our gardening guru, put her foot down too. Jill, of course, pointed out an open spot 
beside the driveway hoping for a satisfying trip to the
 half price sales at the local nurseries.
Kelly scratched the surface with her hoe 
to prove that there was no root room left!
Jill went to the nurseries anyway, but came back 
with this colourful Mexican Rooster instead.
See how well it sets off Allen's eagle. The rabbits love it too!
More colour was needed though, so she went back and picked up these newly caught fish for the other side!

This frog on the dock now has some competition.



Monday, 2 April 2018


If you follow this blog, you’ll know that last year, about this time, we gave up on our old lawn and had sod installed. 
The new lawn had a glorious spring and summer, a so-so fall and a dreadful rainy winter. What we thought would last a lifetime fell victim to the same rain and tide saturation and began to slip into the river….just like the Old Lawn!
Another flurry of phone calls from Mexico, 
another round of landscapers coming to assess the scene….
and here is the tale of what we settled on.
The first difference is that this Lawn is rooted 

in a thick layer of gravel for better drainage.

Before anything new could be put in place, the Old Lawn 
(or what was left of it) came up and was carted away.

And then the gravel went down over the mud.

More gravel is wheelbarrowed to the yard...
....and then gets levelled, creating a new base.

All is now ready....
 for this!

 It must be the new grass!

It gets carefully measured....
rolled out....
trimmed some more....
 and fitted into place.

Wondering what these nails are for....
we see them hammered into the grass.... 
and realize that this Lawn is not going anywhere!

After some tidying up....
the new Lawn is ready for its Photo!
What do you think? Cora reports that so far, guests like it
....and no one is put off by the fact that it's not really REAL!