Monday, 2 April 2018


If you follow this blog, you’ll know that last year, about this time, we gave up on our old lawn and had sod installed. 
The new lawn had a glorious spring and summer, a so-so fall and a dreadful rainy winter. What we thought would last a lifetime fell victim to the same rain and tide saturation and began to slip into the river….just like the Old Lawn!
Another flurry of phone calls from Mexico, 
another round of landscapers coming to assess the scene….
and here is the tale of what we settled on.
The first difference is that this Lawn is rooted 

in a thick layer of gravel for better drainage.

Before anything new could be put in place, the Old Lawn 
(or what was left of it) came up and was carted away.

And then the gravel went down over the mud.

More gravel is wheelbarrowed to the yard...
....and then gets levelled, creating a new base.

All is now ready....
 for this!

 It must be the new grass!

It gets carefully measured....
rolled out....
trimmed some more....
 and fitted into place.

Wondering what these nails are for....
we see them hammered into the grass.... 
and realize that this Lawn is not going anywhere!

After some tidying up....
the new Lawn is ready for its Photo!
What do you think? Cora reports that so far, guests like it
....and no one is put off by the fact that it's not really REAL!

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