Sunday, 31 December 2017


In December, we added a couple of new things to the Duck Inn to celebrate the end of another year. Dave (our contractor who has created many parts of the cottages) and his girlfriend Betty (our painter) replaced our old laminated PARKING signs with this lovely new piece of art.
Dave is quick to point out that he was not aiming for a perfect oval when he cut out the background....he actually wanted a duck egg shape, which we think he achieved!
The Duck started as a bit of 3D garden art, propped up in a planter. Betty rescued it and restored  its colours.

Those of you who have stayed in Willow Cottage have enjoyed building fires in the wood fireplace for years. 
In 2017, as we all got older and tired of splitting logs, slicing cedar shakes into shingles, carrying wood up the stairs and ashes down, we made the decision to SWITCH TO GAS
.....just in time for Christmas.
 We wanted a new fireplace that resembled the old wood one as much as possible, so it took a long time to find the perfect substitute. We think this one sets just the right tone,
 and guests love the comforting heat it radiates. 
As an added bonus, it has a remote control.
Allen's heron is happy beside it and wishes you all

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