Saturday, 31 August 2019


      In August and September, we always scramble a bit to find flowers still in bloom for Duck Inn bouquets. This year, we added a couple of new plants to fill the gap. If you've stayed here in the summer, you know that we have an abundance of lilies growing everywhere. This year, our favourite nursery brought out a set of late   blooming Oriental lilies that we have dubbed "Stargazers(etc) on Steroids"   

 We have 4 other colours of these Super Lilies, but this is the only one still in bloom.

 Another feature of these beautiful flowers is their lack of more brown residue on your nose if you lean in for a smell! And the scent wafts far and wide!

This blue vase often holds a lily....its shape is perfect for them.

Right beside the tub of lilies is this new hydrangea, rapidly becoming a favourite for its lovely scent and ever changing flower heads.

They are white and pink right now, but if you look closely, you can still see hints of lime green from earlier in the season. And, apparently, by the end of the season,   they will turn a deep burgundy!

The hydrangeas love these stone bowls.

Not to be outdone, our faithful Blue Lace Cap Hydrangea has been flowering all summer and still has beautiful blooms for bouquets.

             It also has a favourite bowl

            And this heather on the back of our house has also had a                         growth spurt and makes great background foliage for bouquets!

Here it is in another blue glass vase
And in a Red Bowl



Tuesday, 14 May 2019


Another snowy winter has passed 
at the Duck Inn!
 Icicles are rare on the river, but Cora
captured these on the office window and
turned them into a Greeting Card.
Once the snow has melted,
the garden comes to life again.
Hammocks go up and guests begin to barbecue.

 Bulbs start to pop up.
Blossoms open.
There are flowers for bouquets.
And the frog is happy!