Saturday, 19 September 2015


Several years ago, in one of her downsizing adventures, Cora was seeking a spot for her “Spider Collection”. Coincidentally, we had just taken down a latticework trellis at one end of our garden because it could no longer support the weight of the Wisteria that it was holding up.
As Cora and I eyed the twisted trunk, we both had the same thought and the Insect Corner was born.

 It began with this beautiful Spider that Cora had 
cherished for years....
....and this smaller one with a precious stone for a body.

Once they were in place, it was remarkably easy
 for us all to add insects.
Some were exotic like this bronze Fly that we picked up at a Marché aux Puces in France in 2011.
This is how it looked then….
and here it is now after a few years out in the weather.
The Spider and the Fly are often photographed together.
And as you can see, Ladybugs started to move in!
This bejewelled one came home 
with us this spring from Mexico
And now it hovers over its plainer Canadian Cousin
And some Mexican Hummingbirds flew in undetected 
one day, ignoring the Insects Only Policy!
Of course, once the rules were broken, Strange Bugs began arriving from Dollar Stores and other suspect sources!
A large Dragonfly from the Ladner Village Market 
shouldered its way in this summer.
And in July, some favourite Duck Inn guests threw out all the guidelines and added these woodland creatures
....not Insects by anyone's standards!