Monday, 13 April 2015


 Ever since Willow came into our lives in 1999 
and enchanted us with her wide blue Himalayan eyes, 
we knew we would love her forever!

When she was a kitten, a neighbourhood cat scared her 
and that was the last time she left our property! 
Her outside world is our garden and docks 
and all the creatures she finds there.  
 When we see what lies beyond the yard, 
we are grateful that she doesn't wander away. 
This coyote, photographed by one of our favourite guests, 
is just across the river.

Willow, like most cats, has always been a climber

Our Weeping Willow tree has always been her special 
hiding place....and it was easy to choose her name. 

Now that she is in her Golden Years, she spends more time 
napping....on her favourite cushions
....and even on the stairs!

She still does lots of exploring on the docks, and 
her fascination with the swans has been lifelong.

Willow has several games she likes to play  with them. 
She can sit patiently for hours, watching the river,
 waiting for one of her beautiful friends to appear.

Her patience is comes one now!

It gets closer!

If Willow is feeling generous, she brings the Duck Food 
with her….it’s also her dry cat food and 
sometimes she’s willing to share! 

She likes to make the swan work for it though. 
First she pretends not to see her visitor.

Then she turns her back on it!

The swan comes closer!

Until it's too close for comfort.

Willow retreats a safe distance and keeps the food
 just out of the swan's reach!

 "All Right! Here's some for you!"

"And lots for me!"

" Now I need another nap!"

"Thank You, Cora, for taking the pictures!"
 "And for helping Jill and Allen choose my name! 
They are very nice people, but they would never 
have picked 'WILLOW' by themselves!"