Tuesday, 30 August 2016


The Third Sunday in August sees Ladner Village
 awash in Cars and Quilts.
Red cars, like this gorgeous oldie, were popular this year
....and these
....this red slopeback 
 ...these red flames
 ...and even a red model car!
Black and  Blue Beauties came out to have their photos taken.

Last year, the organizers added a Pin Up Pageant to the event.
and several Local Beauties vied to be this year's Miss Ladner.
Meanwhile, people strolled and admired Quilts
 hanging in windows and heritage buildings.
 A few were tastefully displayed with the cars.

 And at the end of the day, everyone wished 
they could take this Woodie home!

Sunday, 7 August 2016


It's August, and Cora's new deck continues to delight us 
as more plants come into bloom.
This Lace Cap Hydrangea was blooming unseen in a crowded corner until Cora dragged it into its spot as one of the "Anchor Tenants" on this float. Look how happy it is here! And can you spot Kelly, peeping out 
like a garden gnome as she trims it?
Our next hope is that the Trumpet Vine on the
 Canoe Dock will grow down and intertwine with it!
The lilies that Kelly planted under the new herbs 
have started to poke through.
Stargazers and Casablancas like these....
....towered over this tub of Parsley.....but I was so busy smelling and picking them, that I forgot to take a picture.
These Oriental Lilies are happy in the Rosemary bed.
 The Sage and Mint are waiting for a fragrant rose 
to tower over them and climb the trellis.

And, as promised, Allen created a new perch for the Willow Cottage Barbecue to keep its feet dry in its spot under the Willow Tree....actually, Henk did all the work!
Here are several views of it to give 
some perspective on its location.
When the wood dries, it will be stained 
to match the rest of the area.