Sunday, 9 July 2017


Allen wanted his in a spot where all sides of it could be seen!
Even the little fish get their moment in the sun.
 It has a fierce end....where the birds are expected to nest.
And a peaceful one, which is my favourite.

Cora chose to hang hers in the old cherry tree, 
where it is almost dwarfed by all the greenery around it.
But it looks pretty content in these closeups
 The lucky birds that choose to make it home 
will have first choice of the cherries!

 And our new lawn is flourishing, except for this boggy corner
 where the grass really had no chance.
Allen and Cora decided that it would make a good place 
to display all this driftwood that hasn't been carved yet!
 Perhaps someone will turn this piece into a companion for the Big Boned Gal.
Or sculpt a new creature from this one!
What do you see in it?