Thursday, 20 October 2016


October brings lots of rain
 and stormy weather to the river.
Dark clouds cover the sky.
But soon give way to some of the best sunsets of the year.
 It's definitely the month for the
 pinks and purples to come out...
 ...sometimes stretching from West to East.
 And the clouds add their own intensity.
Whether it's stormy or calm, we love it when a swan...
....or a pair of ducks swim into the sunset shot.
Dedicated Sunset photographers 
often set up their equipment 
a bit further down the road at Wellington Point.

The other October event is the arrival 
of the Wrangel Island Snow Geese 
at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, where they spend the winter.
 Occasionally we see them a few at a time.
 But usually they arrive in huge flocks,
 sometimes blocking the sky.
And settle in at the sanctuary or in nearby farmer's fields....
....where they snack on pumpkins and other crops.