Friday, 23 January 2015


IT'S JANUARY 2015!  
Jill and Allen have flown south to La Paz in Mexico 
where they have views like this sunset from their terrace.

 Cora and Willow the Cat are back at the Duck Inn, 
hoping for a snow free winter...although they loved
 this view from the office window  last year.
The swans weren't bothered at all by the ice on the river.
And It took more than a little snow to keep this
 hearty soul off the water.

One year, everything got a snow topping, 
and Jill's car almost disappeared.
All the garden sculptures were surprised by their new looks.
 Down on the dock, ponds and planters froze.
Snow fell on cedars,

and the ivy covered staircase!
Even the hockey player took a hit.
 Madly trying to keep up with all the snow was ALLEN, constantly shoveling and sweeping.
To Jill's dismay, he insisted on clearing all the roofs....
even the one over the dining gazebo.