Monday, 20 February 2017


And if you believe that, 
there's a bridge that we could sell you!
Seriously, the last time it snowed in 
February was Valentine's Day, 1998!
This year it began with a light dusting 
on this cedar tree by our door.
  And then went on for what seemed like months to Cora. 
Even the parrots in the office were not amused.
The view from the other office windows was equally white.
 Large snowflakes fell on the river.
 And kept falling until everything was 
 huddled under a snow quilt.
On the lawn, it covered all the brave little crocuses 
and other tender bulbs that had just poked their heads up. 
 The driveway, walkways and cars were not immune.
The archway is covered with 
red cotoneaster berries for the birds to eat,
but the robins couldn't find them this time.
 Cora kept the snow shovel at the ready outside the door.. that she could keep as much clear as possible
But she gave up when it came to the back steps!
 The snow is gone now, washed away by fierce rains,
but this February certainly broke the records!