Thursday, 5 March 2015


Spring came early to the River this year! 
In fact, most of the winter has been warmer than usual. 
Cora sent us these shots from her office window to show
 how little snow has fallen on the North Shore Mountains.
This lessens our guilt about enjoying the sun in La Paz!
Bulbs sprang up and took their place in Duck Inn Bouquets 
with winter berries and greenery.
Those of you familiar with the Duck Inn know that we use it 
as an excuse to keep our Christmas lights up all year. 
Jill meant to add some deer to the mix this year, 
but by the time she got to Canadian Tire, 
all they had left were these bunnies. 
Here they are as part of the night-time display.
and nibbling the crocuses during the day.
The crocuses survived the attack and flourished.
 Primroses planted in Fall survived the Winter.

Our faithful Daffodils did not disappoint us this Spring.
Peonies put their shoots up so early that Kelly 
worried about their survival.

Camelias put on their brief show of colour and 
have already gone back to providing a green backdrop
 for Summer flowers still to come.

Roses are budding out against fresh young leaves 
on the riverside Weeping Willow.
Last spring, Cora gave the grass its first haircut April 1
….this year she did it in February....
 ….while Willow supervised from the safety of the deck!
We all hope that this lovely Spring is followed by
 a magical Summer!