Sunday, 15 June 2014


Those of you who have met Willow the Cat know that her self image is tied to being a large, fluffy cat. Here are a few of our favorite pictures of her puffing herself out in some of her favorite places.

 Here she is, hiding behind a rhododendron.....

.....and under the Willow Tree.
She loves to preen in this bowl.

Her fluffiness fits perfectly in Allen's guitar case.
And occasionally she uses the bidet!
When her fur gets too long to be tamed by brushes and combs, we take her to the groomer for a shorter summer cut.
At first, she’s not happy with her new dainty shape 
and tries to assume her former fluffy glory!

She keeps looking for her winter coat.
And thinks, “At least I’ve still got my tail!”
Don’t worry, Willow…it will grow back sooner than you think!

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