Friday, 15 August 2014


Many of you have met Cora, the wonderful woman 
who innsits for us when we travel and keeps 
everything in order when we're home.
We often joke that without Cora there would be no Duck Inn!

Here she is, being Aunty Cora to her niece and nephew.

Cora takes great pictures of the river… I used to think 
that she just had a better camera, but the truth is, 
she also has a better eye!
She always tries to capture reflections in her favourite views from the Duck Inn and loves photographing the same spot 

in different seasons.

This misty morning view has a watercolour feel to it.

I never have my camera out when this paddle wheeler goes by,
 but Cora got a perfect shot of it.

She has more patience than I do when it comes to 
waiting for just the right pose from our resident birds.
It’s hard to believe that this mallard is real!

Eagles come and go from the islands in front of the Duck Inn. 
Their nests are especially visible in the winter.

There's always at least one heron nearby....usually on top of a piling,
but occasionally one lands on the Duck Inn railing!

 Every summer, hummingbirds come to our garden; some years, we are fortunate to have a pair build a nest and lay eggs. Here’s a mama and her two babies from Cora’s collection.

One of the many resident swans swims by just in time for Cora to capture it.

When Cora is not at the Duck Inn, she loves to travel.
She takes advantage of her dual citizenship to spend time
 in Europe, often combining work and pleasure.
Closer to home, she does a lot of camping.

  On a trip to Yellowstone, she woke up one morning to find this elk trying to 
get into her tent! She managed to get several pictures before it moved on.

There will be more of Cora's photographs in future posts.    
         Look for her around the Duck Inn if you visit.


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