Saturday, 20 September 2014


One of our guests recently emailed me to ask if I could send her a copy of a sketch she did several years ago during a stay at the Duck Inn. While I was looking for it, I realized that there are dozens of sketches in our Guest Books and thought a few of them might make an interesting post.
Some of you know that we have had our share of dealings with Canada’s National Animal, The Beaver! A few years ago, a family tried to take up residence in the barge on which our house floats. After a season of unsuccessful attempts to scare them away, we finally hired an Australian diver and his team to go underwater and sheath the barge in stainless steel mesh. Now they cannot get in, and when we see them swimming by trailing building materials, we know that they are exploring other places to stay. Luckily, they are not able to invade the Duck Inn as they can’t reach it! 

 A guest who had been here several times and heard all the 
beaver tales left this whimsical pencil sketch for us.

Many people have sketched the river….we supply pastels, crayons, pencils and paints with the sketch books, so the books contain quite a variety. 
Here are a few.

Ducks, of course, are always fair game for sketches by kids and adults too.

This heron was captured too

 Bits of Whimsy

A Few Flowers

 A Pencil Sketch of the Ramp Garden


Sometimes guests leave sketches on our Welcome Boards....usually we don't get a chance to capture them before they're erased...but Cora caught this Fall 2015 one!

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