Saturday, 8 November 2014


Fall creeps up on the river gradually; each day the light on the water is different.
Cora captures it beautifully!
Leaves around the Duck Inn start to change colour.
Mushrooms have sprung up everywhere....these are in our parking area.
Cora added the quarter to give an idea of how much the rain has plumped them up!
 And here's a selection growing in nearby fields.
                                 Cora has put the Halloween decorations away; 
we hope that we can remember where they are in time for next year!
                                                Flocks of birds block the sun!
The Canada Geese that have been dining on 
farmer’s crops all summer have headed south...
Just in time to be replaced by the Snow Geese from Wrangel Island in Russia, 
who overwinter at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary and many nearby fields.
Where the resident Sandhill Cranes entertain birders with their antics.
Mornings are misty as the rowing teams practise and entertain the swans.
And Willow’s coat has grown in, making her a Happy Cat who has her tail back!

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